L. P-S (castallare_b) wrote in anticutting,
L. P-S

two things...

First of all, it's amazing the things that have become trends since I was in high school. As a psychology major, it's been noted that the trend of cutting has only come about in the last 15-20 years and is strange in it's need for popularity. When I was in high school (about 4 years ago) there were kids who cut but never ever showed it off or bragged about it. It was treated as a serious illness and a sign of depression, but now it seems that the lines are blurred because of the numerous kids who do it as part of this ridiculous "Goth" or "emo" trend so those who actually do it in private and do have a real problem aren't taken seriously.

Second of all, I know it's typical for this age group, but there's a huge lack of compassion and tremendous amount of angst in this community that's disturbing. Alright, fine, you don't like people who cut, but why not just ignore them instead of bitching about how stupid they are or how their lives are pathetic? Everyone experiences pain in their own way and just because someone has a problem that you don't or don't even believe in doesn't make them stupid or worthy of hatred.

I say this from personal experience. I was never a cutter, but my sophomore year in college, the chronic depression I've had since I was in 7th grade took a turn for the worse and I found myself in the hospital after a severe suicide attempt that I was lucky enough to survive. I have since spent the last 3 years in recovery and while I'm doing much better, depression is something that will always be in my system, much like diabetes with diabetics. If I treat it correctly I'll have bad days here and there, but will be able to function like a normal person and live a happy, functional life.

I'm not saying any of this for pity or sympathy or attention (it's the Internet, for Christ's sake...) but I hope to at least make the point that everyone has their own struggles and just because you don't understand why people would do something like cutting, it doesn't make you a better person for hating them.
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