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hall0, another newbie here n___n

It's pathetic how people cut for attention.
[ insert all the usual comments here >P ]
And yay. Glad there's a community for this stuff<3
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Welcome to the community! Always nice to meet someone, new.

And I love your icon. Is that gaara?
Yes, yes it is<3 Gaara pwns n___n

& Thanks for the welcome xD
well... honestly i am.. and i hate saying that and i hate people that want it to show and for others to pity them your its stupid... but very hard to get over im in a few programs... i have a site so... blah you know

Of course. Anyone who pretends or likes to show it off for no reason .. their actions are an insult to people who really have been through depression issues.

I'm sorry to hear that
I hope things work out for you<3
Seriously this whole community for "anti-cutters" is really ignorant, rediculous and everyone in here is probably a fucking asshole.

I do not cut my wrists but I know someone who has gone through that and all of you obvioulsy don't know what the fuck you guys are talking about because everyone who does it, obviously has a reason. if you would ask them why, or talk to them, or try to understand, or OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES and take the time to understand instead of being like OOOH YOU GUYS ARE DOING THIS FOR ATTENTION YOU GUYS SUCK AT LIFE YOUR SO EMO and whateever else the fuck you guys say. serioulsy, WAKE UP this is like saying poeple who are balemic are doing that for attention, its the same thing. EVERYONE PART OF THIS COMMUNITY, YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING ASSHOLES. AND YOU KNOW WHAT, YOUR GOING ON WHERE IN LIFE BECAUSE YOU ARE SO OBLIVIOUS TO LIFE.

fuck you all.
I love how people think they can't get a point across without swearing. Did you ever stop to think that maybe you have your opinions because of your experiences and we have our's because of our own experiences with cutters? Probably not. The thing of it is, this is a community made for people who are against it.

if you would ask them why, or talk to them, or try to understand

In my experience, this has always gotten the same reaction. They tell me I could never understand, because I have such a great life (they say "great life" as though it is a bad thing, too) and they are so complicated.
I can get my point acrosst with out swearing, the words I chose are a personal choice and have ntohing to do with getting my point across

And taking something someone choices to do and criticizing it to the point were it not only is discrimination against someones personal choices and ways of life but its down right rediculous. It honestly is absolutly no differnt then having an "anti-Jews" group because they keep kosher. It's someones way of life and choice that they make personally and who are you to judge them on there own choice. Are you that ignorant? Even if you do dis agree with that way of living and dealing with thing, does not in anyway mean you can sit there and ridicule somone else. People like this communtity does not HELP those who cut themselds. So if you can criticize, judge and hurt people and be completley fine and guilt free then you need some serious help. You need help for even wanting to take part in ridiculing someones persnal choices.

Please, GROW UP. and serioulsy relize that there is more then one style of living and more then one chocie you can make and people have differnt ways of handeling things.