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OK guys, I know I've posted this a couple of times here over the past year, but sometime this summer I accidentally deleted the original entry, making the bar obsolete. Anyway: it's back! Sorry if it's getting annoying; this is the last go.

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Self-Injury: No One Gives a Shit. Seriously. Some of us are sick of the plague of histrionic, privileged white girls who think they actually have difficult lives.

Sorry, I reserve my sympathy for people who don't purposely perpetuate their own problems. You are not freaks. But we know you wish you were so someone would give you some attention.
Monday, March 1, 2004 is a fake "Awareness Day" invented so that cutters can put up stupid solidarity ribbons and attempt to garner some pity.
December 1 is World Aids Day: go learn about someone with real problems.

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hm... i definitely get the whole "Some of us are sick of the plague of histrionic, privileged white girls who think they actually have difficult lives" thing... but i think it's a little ignorant to assume that all cutters are the same. i started cutting after i was gang raped in middle school and I started cutting after that and when i was in the psych hospital most of the self injuring girls there had also gone through sexual abuse and used cutting as a coping school. I'm very greatful that I've developed other ways to deal with life other than self-injury but I have sympathy and yes, pity, for those who are still stuck in it.
What you say is true. I don't mean to lump all cutters into the same category... except the ones that have the original Colourbar from which I made mine on their userinfo page like it's some fucking solidarity club!


12 years ago

Oh, I'm already using the old one, but I like this one even better. It is going into my user info, thank you! ^.^
holy shit. that is fucking wonderful!
not one person is the same,
and especially not one cutter.

yeah. ok . we are all proud of you for not cutting. yeah. pat on the back. you think its dumb. good for you. but you don't know SHIT about anything .
some cutters have real problems. problems that can kill them, and that cannot be controlled.

just think about that before you go making fun of "cutters"
and how pitiful they all are

its a real problem


12 years ago


12 years ago

My best and only friend just commited suicide, my father beats me, my brother rapes me. I don't have a home because there's no where I feel safe. I have a chemical imbalance in the left temple section of my brain that is a form of epilepsy that causes impulsive violence both internally and externally. There's also a tumor up there too. I can't get the help I need and want because no one cares enough to aid me financially.

Sorry my problems aren't as extreme as AIDs.
I feel I have to make a comment here...see, I probably fit right into that category of "privileged white girls" who are cutters. I KNOW I don't have a difficult life, considering.

However, there are days I wake up, and I feel crappy. I'm doing the whole teenage angst thing, and I look in the mirror, and I just need to hurt myself because I hate that bitch so much I want to make her bleed.

My point? It's just my way of coping. Off LJ, no-one knows about my little habit. Why? I'm ashamed. Thats why I've trying to stop for god knows how long.

I may be "privileged", and really, in comparison to, lets use your example, Aids, its really not that serious at all. But I resent being labeled as histrionic or attention seeking just because I cut. If I was attention seeking, it wouldn't be a SECRET. I wouldn't restrict my cutting to areas no-one will see (chest and stomach, mainly, and feet).

I realise that some people do it for attention seeking. But some people, like me, just...well, do it...and some really do have "real problems". Not all cutters are "histrionic".

And...I think I rambled a bit there, and I may have come across as a little aggressive...I do see your point, but not all cutters can be labeled like that.
most definatly agree with you young privileged white girl (except your name. me no likey. but your choice)
pain is relevent to what someone has gone throught.
perception is reality.
so if some privileged white girl didnt get a pony for christmas, and is used to getting everything she wants. its heart crushing. and she might cry for hours, cause to her thats the worst pain she has known. and she turns eleven and a privileged white byo turns her down. pain pain pain. and then shes sixteen and its cool to do drugs, smoke and get drunk. and one of her friends dies from it. hey she could cut herself to feel better.
and then some homeless guy on the street asks some lady out and gets denied. its nothing to what hes used to so he isnt going to cut.
i have no idea if im making sense but my point is if its their extremem pain let them get through it how they want..
and i didnt know there was a SI awareness day. but i did know about aids awareness. which i cried last year. and prolly will this year. if i were a privileged white girl i would be sendin my money off to cures for cancer and a cure for aids. yuppity yup.


12 years ago


12 years ago

... You ignorant people... Not all of you, just those of you who seem to think that this isn't an issue; that we fake our pain and only do it for "attention," I've been a cutter since I was 12 years old, after I was molested for nearly eight and a half years by someone my family considered a friend. You want pain? Try having the end of a hairbrush shoved places you really don't want them at the age of seven. Try telling your first serious boyfriend that you're "damaged goods." Try telling your parents what happened. You deal with the court system, and their punishment of a slap on the wrist to your attacker. Tell you what, you come and live OUR lives for a while, and THEN we'll talk about cutting. Anymore, I cut for the adreneline rush it gets me... The rush helps me to sleep, as insane as that may sound. But slamming cutters and saying they're doing it for attention is wrong.
As for Self-Injury Awareness Day, yes, it's there. Is it condoneing cutting? No. Is it there to try and make people more aware that it IS out there and it IS becoming an issue? Yes. More teens are dying of suicides these days than ever before, and most of them are accidential. Are we freaks? Hell no. But we do need help, and some of us get it, but still others don't. Before you go around and put down cutters, take a look at your life, at your friends, and ask your self how many people that you know could be doing this. Ask yourself how you would feel if they did start to hurt themselves, it doesn't have to be cutting. Hades, doctors are saying that popping pimples, scratching scabs, and itching bug bites is now self-mutalation or self-harm. If we're going to get into who's got less brains, it's the doctors.
WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!?!? There shouldnt even be a community like this on livejournal, Self-harm is a serious problem, its addicting, like a fucking drug, grow up okay

oh and by the way do you have AIDS??? just wondering since you had to go and fucking mention it
sometimes cutting is the only way i can calm down enough to sleep sometimes its the only way i can shut off my mind which wants to destroy the entire room sometimes its the only thing that i feel i have control over.. just knowing there are other people that feel the same makes my days easier..
... who on earth makes/andor joins an anti self harm community? hahah
is stupid. You just make fun of cutters, instead of trying to help them.
Oooh man this post is old.

But anyway, I just wanted to point out... many people with AIDS don't exactly have it through no fault of their own. There is the little matter of readily available contraception in the western world, that many people often 'neglect' to use. Not a very good comparison.
I guess everyone makes choices that put them in the shit, huh?
you know, if people don't like this color bar, they should just stop looking at it. It's that simple.
well, i don't know bout y'all, but I thought the last bit of the original comment was kind of funny... helped distract me from my own problems at least.

I think that you can change your life by changing the way you perceive it. If I can minimize my own problems by saying, "shit, at least I don't have AIDS," I'm gonna do it.

So, Ok, Ms Smith.
You may be an ignorant bitch. And a complete asshole and douchebag.
But you made me smile, so that's alright in my book.