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No friends.  No family that cares.  Just lost.  Just alone.  Just me.  Screw it all.  I can't even manage to work this site.  Just stupid, as usual.  Hope I wake for work tomorrow....I think...maybe I dont care....wonder where this even posts to..?  Probalby blackness...me..

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Please help...I don't know how this site works...can anyone even see me..am I invisible.  Probably, usually, always.  Just blood.  Is anyone there?  I need someone to hold onto.  Please help me...

My girlfriend cuts..

Let me give you some background information before I ask this question. I am 20 and my girlfriend of just a week is a cutter(we are gay). She is 18 and has been cutting since she was 11. She has gotten help for it but she recently relapsed. I don't have any experience with this so I am looking for some advice. I'd like to be prepared for anything. She relapsed a few days before we started dating and has had some urges and like some advice on what to do when she has those urges because she tells me when she does. Also, if she cuts again, what can I do? Just be there for her?

Anything will help. Thanks :)

distraction tips

When you are triggered the best thing to try and do is ground yourself by doing activities such as the ones on this list:

1. breathe slowly and deeply. In for 5 seconds. Hold for 5 seconds. Out for 5 seconds. and keep repeating it over and over.

2. Use your 5 senses. Smell 5 things where you are now. Taste 5 things. Hear 5 things. See 5 things. Touch 5 things. BUT if one of the senses is what triggered you don't use that sense, skip over it and use another one twice.

3. Call someone you trust, like a friend or your T

4. Write in a journal

5. Draw

6. Change your scenery. If you are outside go inside and visa versa.

7. Write poetry or a story

8. Read a book

9. Play video games

10. Write a letter to someone who hurt you. Then crumple it up and throw it away. Put all the thoughts down on paper as if you would show the person but tear it up and never show them. That is a way for you to get it out.

11. Go for a walk or jog. Be mindful, look at your surroundings and feel the sun, rain, snow, hot, cold.

12. Hold ice in your hand. The cold will snap you back to the present and wont leave any marks

13. Snap a rubber band against your wrist. Once again it will bring you back to the present.

14. Repeat phrases such as "I am safe now" "It's over" "It's just a memory"

15. If you have a pet like a dog or cat pet them, brush them, hug them. Pets hold unconditional love for their owners and are amazing at making people feel better.

Add your own to this list...

http://selfhelp.yuku.com is a support site you can all use, it has forums on cutting among a lot of other forums. you arent alone

Готов поделиться с вами.

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Weh, haileykatherinesaid it so cool before me that I decided to join. I think cutting and the self-pitying parts of all these depressive stuff are simply a very very wrong view at life. 
A Hungarian writer says: "Be careful, for you make the world be the way you see it."
Otherwise, I do no want to bash cutters; I will not slap and shake and shout at anyone because they cut themselves; except maybe my friends if they start it one day, which is not very likely. But it seems that soon I will be held a fool just because I don't cut myself and because my icon is colorful. This is what I don't agree with. 
kadaj, cloud, ffvii ac

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I saw this community while I was searching for Gravitation communities...hm...strange. Anyway...I'm not meaning this in a bad way, but some of the people on here need to get their facts right. People don't cut for attention, okay? Alright, I admit that some people do...I've had friends that have done it, but a serious cutter doesn't do it for attention. They do it because they need help... And you'd be surprised how many people are around you that do cut and you don't even know it. Some of your friends could be doing it and you just shove it aside because they say that they got scratched by their cat. Even if they wear shorts or short sleeves, that doesn't mean anything. There's still plenty of skin hiding beneath their demin shorts and cotton T-shirts. It just makes me sick when people say things like that... And people don't walk around and "show off" their cuts and scars. I'm still ashamed of my scars. They're not pretty, so why show them off? It doesn't make any sense. Where do you people get your information from?...

Yes...I was (am/will always be) a cutter myself for two years, but that's not revelant to the point that I'm trying to make. Open your minds, if just a little bit. I agree that cutting is bad and is quite possibly the worst way to take any kind of emotion out, but not everyone can voice their pains or write them down on paper. Some aren't that lucky and use cutting to take it out. Sick? Yes. Masochistic? Yes, very. But it's all they have... And cutting has NOTHING to do with suicide. Nothing at all...

And I read one post that made me laugh. "Why do all cutters seem to be bisexual?" What the hell?...not all cutters are bisexual. I'm not bisexual and I was a cutter. I have several friends who were cutters and they aren't bisexual. I just think that was funny. Where the hell did it come from anyway? It was kinda a random question to ask...

But while I disagree with cutting after seeing the side-effects and having it ruin my life, I still write about it. Angst and horror are my genres and cutting is something that falls into angst...it falls into angst a lot. The only book out there that really dwells on the truths about cutting is the book Cut by Patricia McCormick. Read it. It'll help you understand, or it won't and it will just make you think that cutters are crazy when they're not. And when I write about cutting I don't do the whole "Oh, my world is crashing down around me just because my boyfriend broke up with me so I think I'm gonna take a razor to my skin." No...that's not right. I tell the truth when I write, not some buttered-up, sweet thing that will be all better once they get back together with their boyfriend. No...that's not possible...

I know that this will probably, most likely, definitely piss some people off who are on here, but I really don't care. I'm sick of people calling me crazy because they see the barely there scars on my arms and I'm sick of everyone treating me like shit because of my past mistakes. Bitch me out if you must but it really won't hurt my feelings any. If anything it will just make me angry and then I'll bitch some more...

two things...

First of all, it's amazing the things that have become trends since I was in high school. As a psychology major, it's been noted that the trend of cutting has only come about in the last 15-20 years and is strange in it's need for popularity. When I was in high school (about 4 years ago) there were kids who cut but never ever showed it off or bragged about it. It was treated as a serious illness and a sign of depression, but now it seems that the lines are blurred because of the numerous kids who do it as part of this ridiculous "Goth" or "emo" trend so those who actually do it in private and do have a real problem aren't taken seriously.

Second of all, I know it's typical for this age group, but there's a huge lack of compassion and tremendous amount of angst in this community that's disturbing. Alright, fine, you don't like people who cut, but why not just ignore them instead of bitching about how stupid they are or how their lives are pathetic? Everyone experiences pain in their own way and just because someone has a problem that you don't or don't even believe in doesn't make them stupid or worthy of hatred.

I say this from personal experience. I was never a cutter, but my sophomore year in college, the chronic depression I've had since I was in 7th grade took a turn for the worse and I found myself in the hospital after a severe suicide attempt that I was lucky enough to survive. I have since spent the last 3 years in recovery and while I'm doing much better, depression is something that will always be in my system, much like diabetes with diabetics. If I treat it correctly I'll have bad days here and there, but will be able to function like a normal person and live a happy, functional life.

I'm not saying any of this for pity or sympathy or attention (it's the Internet, for Christ's sake...) but I hope to at least make the point that everyone has their own struggles and just because you don't understand why people would do something like cutting, it doesn't make you a better person for hating them.

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Hi everyone i'm new.

I'm so glad there's a community like this. I agree that most people cut them selves for attention, and to be "trendy". I find that those type of people are just pathetic. I have A LOT of kids at my school that cut them selves for the stupidest reasons. One guy i know cut his arm because his parents pissed him off. (the usual scenario) Another thing that bugs me is all the icons that have bloody wrists.
I've never cut myself, and i never will. I find better ways to deal with things.
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