Amanda (amanda8o4) wrote in anticutting,


Hey everyone, I'm new to the community.

I definately despise people who show off that they cut theirselves.

I love people with high self esteem. I mean, I didn't always have the esteem that I have today, but I thank all of my friends to give me such confidence. I have this friend that's in my gym class who doesn't have so much self esteem. She's very pretty in my opinion, but, what can I do about it, ya know? Anyway, she came into the locker room one day and showed me her arm with a bunch of scratches on it. I pretended to sympathise for her, but I really felt aggravated that she'd have the nerve to just show me like that.

Another friend of mine always tells me when, how, and why she cuts herself. They're really stupid reasons because it's always about the same guy. Everytime.

I don't like to talk about it, but yeah, I used to do it too. I'd always where long sleeves and cuffs though. I have Depression, but now I'm on medicine. Before, I'd get so angry with myself and just start going crazy. I'm really disappointed in myself that I used to cut, and now I know that I had absolutely no reason to. It's pointless and disgusting.
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