Jen (white_wolf123) wrote in anticutting,
anticutting friend is a complete idiot. Actually, I don't think we're friends annymore... I came to school one day and there she was, showing everybody those little scraches on her arm, saying that she had an 'accident'. And then she sees me and she stickes her arm in my face saying "look jenny!" I mean WTF!?!?! I told her that shit isnt funny, it's dangerous and moronic and she needs to stop or I can't hang around her anymore. She says that she thinks it's funny, and that if I had a problem with it, then I should leave. what the hell? I nearly slapped her silly....she knows what I went thrugh last year and she knows how long I had to take tharapy and medication to get out of that mess(and I am out of it ^_^ im done with it and I am not looking back)!! But she has the nerve to come up to me and ask me for something to kill herself with!? I cant belive I was friends with her..
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