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There are points made in this column that even cutters cannot deny:

Actresses Angelina Jolie and Christina Ricci did it. So did Courtney Love and the late Princess Diana. On the Internet, there are scores of websites (with titles such as "Blood Red," "Razor Blade Kisses" and "The Cutting World") featuring "famous self-injurers," photos of teenagers' self-inflicted wounds and descriptions of their techniques. The destructive practice has been depicted in films targeting young girls and teens (such as "Thirteen"). There is even a new genre of music -- "emo" -- associated with promoting the cutting culture.

This madness would not be as popular as it is among young people if not for the glamorizing endorsement of nitwit celebrities such as twentysomething actress Christina Ricci

How can people continue to say that none of that is for attention or because of a trend? What I do not agree with is the fact that this article blames hollywood. I realize that is a big source of the problem, but these teenagers need to learn to think for themselves. Maybe this is just another version of survival of the fittest? I am more-than-beginning to think so.

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Anyone who is saying none of it is for attention is an outright liar, because there are documented cases of it only being for attention.

But don't mistake a COLUMN for an article. This thing is purely opinion-based. Yes, there are facts to back it up, but there are facts that would go against it as well.

The biggest thing I notice in it is that they associate emo music with cutting, saying that it promotes it. I mean... WTF? And Self Injury Awareness Day isn't about making people cut, it's about making people aware of it as being a problem.

All in all, I think that was pure crap written to get a rise out of people, just like most columns are.
You don't think that emo music can be associated with cutting? I would say that out of all the music genres, this one is cloests to going hand-in-hand with cutting. I also think that some people cut simply because they are aware of it. People become aware of cutting by watching movies such as Thirteen and seeing others doing it, or perhaps because they heard about it through Self Injury Awareness Day.

Then again, this is just my opinion...and apprently opinions are "pure crap."
I think that in the article she's implying that ALL emo music promotes cutting, and that's not the case.

I never said that opinions are pure crap, I said the column was. Note the large difference between the two. And I'm not only saying it because I disagree, I'm saying it because it fails to prove a point and because it's pretty much exactly what trained column-writers are taught NOT to write.
Okay, gotchya.
depends. mtv emo is about "cutting"/whining. death cab (a huge emo band) actually has some uplifting songs (sound of settling) and their other songs deal with stuff that does suck about life, but they never mention/condone the idea of cutting.
i didn't even know those people did that... haha. but i don't keep up with hollywood.

i don't think cutting is always for attention. at all. but i definitely think that very commonly it is, and that it is also frequently just done as a trend. but all sorts sorts of people cut, not just people who listen to emo and not just people who want to be trendy. some people start to self injury from a very young age, before they are even exposed to hollywood or highschool or emo or what have you. so to say that all people cut for attention is ignorant.
i'm going to add to my point..
Thirteen was a good movie. it was showing what can definitely happen in a young person's life. it was not pro-cutting. maybe people do turn to cutting only after they are exposed to it in movies or something, but that doesn't mean they're doing it to be cool [necessarily]. though yes, some people do want to be like those that they see cutting and then they do it. that is what a frown upon-- not people with a serious problem.
most definatly. who is christina ricci by the way. and princess di? never ever ever woulda guessed.
are we supposed to follow other peoples lives? naw.
i definatly havent seen thirteen. is it good?
Emo music does promote cutting... not all emo music but it's more in emo then other types of music. And with it being constantly shoved in kids faces through the media which promotes a culture of death and that it's "cool" to be depressed, I don't find it surprising that a larger number of people do it. I don't think it would disappear if it weren't pubilicized like it is, but I do believe it puts the idea into kids head...
I love that you are articulate and I can just say "I agree."
I think that's a pretty well written article. But it could be considered ignorant at the same time.
I wouldn't actually say I agree with 'emo' being er, 'cutting music'? I think emo now is more of a scene thing. Emo kids now just seem to all look the same and basically think they're 'elite'. I wouldn't exactly say that's perfectly true though as I've never really gone into it. But they don't seem depressed or anything. Just to have a obsession with guns (going 'bang', stating the obvious), oh-whatever, too many underscores etc.
Ack. I'm not in the mood right now..
that's hardcore that scene kids are into. usually not like my chemical romance or whatever.
but you're right about the elitist thing.
I guess you could say that I had started cutting myself because other people were. Just to try it out and see if it made me feel better. And it did. I just got addicted, but I've quit now, kinda...sorta, not really. Trying to. On my way. :)

Deleted comment

I'm going to also say good luck randomly.
emo is not all about cutting
I agree with you, that some people cut for attention or to be "So in the scene" or whatever. But I also think there are people who cut and hide it... who don't want anyone to know or see or pay attention to it. So maybe it's just like... you have to figure out who is sick because they're not safe, and who's sick because they want to make you think they need to be saved.
No, that is where the stereotype is. Because the media [and "emo" makes it worse] makes it seem like everyone who cuts does it for attention, and I'm not denying that there are people who do it for attention, or maybe in the beginning. But once it becomes a habit, an addiction, it doesn't matter why you started in the first place. You can't understand unless you've been there.
i havent read any comments because i am a lazy bum ^_^ but ill get around to it.
anyhow. i definatly agree with the hollywood/emo promoting it but just so ya know.. some people when they were little, before emo was around. before they listened to rock and heard of courtney love and angelina wasnt famous, well they used to slap themselves. before they knew how to use a computer. before christina ricci and princess diana they used to hurt themselves as punishment. so it can definatly start without hollywood.
and thank the lord it can stop too.
thats my comment. please dont insult my usage of zero capital letters. ; ) thanks.