Ms. Smith (byrdonebrere) wrote in anticutting,
Ms. Smith

OK guys, I know I've posted this a couple of times here over the past year, but sometime this summer I accidentally deleted the original entry, making the bar obsolete. Anyway: it's back! Sorry if it's getting annoying; this is the last go.

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Self-Injury: No One Gives a Shit. Seriously. Some of us are sick of the plague of histrionic, privileged white girls who think they actually have difficult lives.

Sorry, I reserve my sympathy for people who don't purposely perpetuate their own problems. You are not freaks. But we know you wish you were so someone would give you some attention.
Monday, March 1, 2004 is a fake "Awareness Day" invented so that cutters can put up stupid solidarity ribbons and attempt to garner some pity.
December 1 is World Aids Day: go learn about someone with real problems.

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